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Introduci teachers/trainers to new instructional methods

To encourage the use of integrating technology within instruction, how would you introduce teachers/trainers/instructors to new instructional design methods and strategies?

Identify the changes that will occur in education and training within the next five years.
What are the implications of these changes for adult learning?

***Please answer in own words and please provide at least two references are needed. And please provide in text and reference at the bottom, in 250-300 words.

Thank you - your help is greatly needed!

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Generically, the older generation is not in tune with technology as much as the younger generation and while some in the pre-technology-rich era are very connected and have been quick to engulf the resources, the span of interests, abilities and use is wide with the collective population of learners.

Optimally, hooking all levels of learners, utilizing very simple programs and technology will help bridge those who are reluctant learners as well as those who can't do the work. It is important to ...

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Practical use of technology in instruction.