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Instructional Design and Performance Management

One truism of instructional design and performance management is that you get what you measure. Training objectives are essential to all development. They support the outcomes of the course, and good training objectives support the overall curriculum and the strategies of the organization.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following elements of instructional design:

Explain the purpose of training objectives.
Describe how training objectives align with course outcomes.
Learning objectives vary greatly by the topic and outcome for the course. Compare the differences and similarities of training objectives for a behavioral course, such as leadership skills, and those of a more technical course, such as lean manufacturing techniques.
Propose a process for an organization to implement that aligns course training objectives, curriculum learning outcomes, and strategic organizational goals.

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The business objective in using instructional design for efficient performance management entails forming strategic training objectives that produces knowledgeably personnel. Let's take a review into the core areas of focus on instructional design:

- Explain the purpose of training objectives.

The objective for training is in the mode of presenting new technology and information that promotes organization efficiency long-term. Employees are constantly requiring new information that improves their productivity output and their moral in effectively accomplishing the planned tasks objectives. Thus, the business entity focuses on improving their training objectives that reinforces primary initiative in educating the employee staff on proper protocols that entails procedural methods. Trainers are communicating a new method of operating the company's resources and reinforces the new change mechanism in completing job tasks positions output. Some key areas of focus when aiming for succeeding in training objectives initiatives are:

a. Training workshops focuses on new industry procedural methods that increase productivity while reducing overall costs production.

b. Trainers are industry or management professionals with proven success results to demonstrating a proficient way in refraining from unproductive work hours on procedural processes, thus, the usage of effective instructional design through first hand-approach for the employees.

Keep in mind, the business aim is in designing the instructional design focusing on key elements of new updates, information, or procedural strategies through visual concept and the first hand approach (management or industry trainers / specialist) to employees. Thus, the framework for purpose entail training objectives outlines an ability to incorporate new ideas, innovation of product ...

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