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Instructional Design

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I need assistance and explanation on how to complete an analysis, not a lesson. The problem is needed the learning environment the learners then the tasks and objectives then have them classified to the Bloom Taxonomy and Gagne's type. Here is the posting:

Complete the analysis phase for this part of your instructional design. Specifically, you are responsible for the following tasks:

1. Identify and describe the needs or opportunities and the goals to be addressed by the learning intervention.
2. Identify and describe the learning environment and context.
3 Identify and describe the learners (audience).
4. Identify and describe the performance tasks associated with the topic area to be addressed in the instructional design.
5. Create performance objectives and classify them using the Bloom Taxonomy and Gagne's Types of Learning.

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Solution Summary

By responding to the five questions, this solution assists in the analysis phase for this part of the instructional design. Supplemented with articles on Bloom's taxonomy and Gagne, as well as how to write objectives.

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