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Characteristics of instructional design

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What are the characteristics of good instructional design?

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The Internet scholarly reference for this question is located at: http://www.netwerkopenhogeschool.org/Docs/Faculteiten/OW/O22411_the%20systematic%20design%20of%20instruction.pdf.
Instructional design is the process of designing the teaching, or instruction, to most effectively deliver curriculum content that addresses the standards mandated by the local, state or national educational administration to the designated students. This process is not much different when teaching adults in a business setting.

The cited web site has this to say: someone with a systems view sees the preparation, implementation, evaluation, and revision of instruction as one integrated process. In the broadest systems sense, a variety of sources provide input to the preparation of the instruction. The output is some product or combination of products and procedures that are implemented. The results are used to determine whether the system should be changed, and, if so, how (Dick, Carey & Carey, n.d., retrieved from http://www.netwerkopenhogeschool.org/Docs/Faculteiten/OW/O22411_the%20systematic%20design%20of%20instruction.pdf).

The components that make up ...

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Discussion of the four components of good instructional design with descriptions of each component, plus Web-based Reference site URL.

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