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Developing Ideas for an Argument Paper: Brainstorming Tools and Example Topics

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I am looking for help about an opinion or belief that I hold very strongly. Based on this belief, write an essay in support of it. I must successfully defend my opinion based on credible source support that validates my ideas. Use the paraphrasing skills I've learned and cite your source material using proper APA formatted in-text citations. Include a properly formatted reference page.

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This essay will offer a few common controversial topics about which you may have a strong opinion (or may inspire you to discover a different topic about which you'd like to write). I will also offer a brainstorming strategy about how to connect an opinion into a research topic.

I: Strategy 1: Some Controversial Issues

There are many debates currently going on in both the public and academic spheres about which you may have a strong opinion. In fact, it's very unlikely that you won't have an opinion about at least one of these issues. I've listed a few topics here. Next to each topic is a subset of questions--often it's effective to focus on one question in the set (this can help you focus your argument and your research)

1. Death Penalty

-Should the death penalty be abolished?
-Is the death penalty an effective use of financial resources?
-Is the death penalty an effective way to prevent crime?
-Is the death penalty constitutional?

2. Climate Change
-To what extent is climate change man-made?
-What is the best way to combat climate change?
-Who has jurisdiction in the issue of climate change? (Individual states, countries, hemispheres, international unions (like the United Nations or European Union)?

3. Abortion
-Should abortion be legal everywhere?
-Should there be a ban on late-term abortions?
-Is a federal ban banning abortion ...

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This solution offers a two-part strategy for choosing and then developing an topic for an argument paper (also known as an opinion paper or a position paper). This solution also includes ways of mapping out your topic and strategies for finding appropriate sources, both popular and academic.

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