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    Fostering Brainstorming

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    What systems and processes can be put in place in any organization to foster excellent brain storming and other creative acts to foster a good strategic discussion at an organizational level?

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    // As per the directions given, the paper explains about the various systems and processes that need to be implemented in an Organization for fostering brain storming and other creative acts. This section explains the step wise process that should be followed for fostering brain storming among the people in the Organization. \

    Organizational Processes

    To solve the problems with creative ideas brainstorming is the main process. Focus on the problem; consciously come up with solutions as probable and critically evaluate them and get what is the best alternative, is the process of brainstorming. It can be conceded by individually or by group. When one is not able to solve the problem, has limited ideas and reached his limit then group brainstorming is more effective to get to next step. In-group brainstorming individuals share their experience and knowledge. There is no criticism in the ...

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