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    Claim of Evaluation Essays

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    I need help choosing my topic and the essay I am writing must be 500-700 words and include a reference page in l APA format that cites at least two sources of information.

    Please help me construct an essay that follows this:

    • Does the writing have a definite beginning, middle, and end?
    • Does the writing follow a logical order?
    • Does the writing make a claim of evaluation?
    • Does the writing state an opposing argument?
    • Does the ending give a note of finality or logical conclusion?

    • Does the paper use quotes, examples, testimony and/or statistics for support?
    • Does the paper use valid data?

    Document Design
    • Is APA documentation used correctly?
    • Is the format standard?
    • Are citations in parentheses concise and complete enough to find the sources on the reference page?

    Word Choice/Effective Sentences/Punctuation/Spelling and Mechanics
    • Are ideas parallel?
    • Are words added to make comparisons logical and complete?
    • Do modifiers point to the words they modify?
    • Does the writing maintain a consistent point of view?
    • Are verbs consistent in mood, voice, and tense?
    • Is paper void of spelling and mechanical errors?

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    Hi there! As I can tell from the post history, you're familiar with Claims of Fact. Claims of Evaluation are much the same in structure, except that the focus is a bit different. Whereas in Claims of Fact someone argues that something is in fact objectively true, in Claims of Evaluation someone will and should argue concerning something that is subjectively worth agreement. Let me contrast these by way of example.

    In an essay concerning a Claim of Fact, one might argue that the sky is blue, or that butter is made from cow's milk, or that tea is made from the plant camellia sinensus. These are all things that are already physically true, and therefore don't depend on the argument being necessarily strong. However, in a Claim of Evaluation, one might argue for the most effective speech, or the highest quality movie, or most reasonable political position on a given issue. In this latter type of essay, the argument's validity depends almost entirely on the strength of the argument. This is why, most likely, you've been ...

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    A basic overview and definition of Claim of Evaluation essays is given, with example topics, outlines, and goals included.