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Claim of Fact Essays

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I need help constructing a claim of fact essay which clearly supports that a specific condition existed, exists, or will exist. UI do not include an abstract or executive summary.

I may select my own topic. The essay must be 500-700 words and include a Reference Page that cites at least two sources of information in APA format.

I need to consider the following questions as I create the paper:


• Does the writing have a definite beginning, middle, and end?

• Is the writing easy to follow?

• Does the writing capture attention?

• Does the writing state the claim?

• Does the ending give a note of finality or logical conclusion?


• Does the paper use valid facts, quotes, statistics, examples, and/or expert testimony to clarify and prove a claim?

• Is the data sufficient, accurate, recent, and reliable?

Document Design

• Is APA documentation used correctly?

• Is the format standard?

• Are citations in parentheses concise and complete enough to find the sources on the reference page?

Word Choice/Effective Sentences/Punctuation/Spelling and Mechanics

• Are ideas parallel?

• Are words added to make comparisons logical and complete?

• Do modifiers point to the words they modify?

• Is the point of view consistent?

• Are verbs consistent in mood, voice, and tense?

• Is paper void of spelling and mechanical errors?

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Hi there! I understand that you're experiencing trouble with choosing a topic and developing strong paragraphs, or at least the form of a strong paragraph.

For "claim of fact" essays, the process is fairly straightforward. All we have to do is find something that you feel you can prove with three or so pieces of evidence - this means the topic is wide open. I understand that can be more difficult in some cases, so examples might include anything from claiming the more concrete fact that your town exists to the more amusing fact that sugar is necessary for making cookies.

As for the paragraphs, I'll include the most effective structure below, but just to continue the example for body paragraphs and how they might go, let's say you choose to prove your town exists. Pieces of evidence for that might include things like: labels on a map, recognition of the ...

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The basic necessities of a claim-of-fact essay are touched on, using a thought example to illustrate.