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    Business communication: Letter and Memo.

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    Please read the attached file.

    Before read what assignment is, Please read this one.
    I know that is assignment and essay. (I mean You do not need tell to me.)
    However, I do not have composure mentally and physically as I did this assignment.
    I am in America and my wife and baby in my country.( I am not American and English is not my first language.) I got call that my baby is sick, so I should go back immediately to my country. However, I should be done this assignment for graduate. Please help me to finish this assignment.
    Not only one and tell how to writes others. I need completed 5 essays.

    Complete 5 essays. Essays should be typed, single- spaced, and range between 1 - 3 pages max.
    Attach a cover memo that lists the essays by title. The individual essays must be in the appropriate format (letter, memo, email, etc.)

    1. Letter
    Congrats on that: Complimenting a former business acquaintance for national recognition: You pull the new issue of Fortune magazine out of the stack of mail and are quite pleased to see Indra Nooyi on the cover. Not only was Nooyi recently appointed CEO of PepsiCo, but Fortune has just named her the most powerful woman in American business. You got to know her briefly when Pepsico acquired your previous employer, Quaker Oats, in 2001. You haven't spoken to her since then, but you have followed her accomplishments in the business media. [Ref: Positive message.
    Your task: Write a brief letter (no more than one page) congratulating Nooyi on her promotion to Ceo and on being recognized by Fortune. Make up any details you need to creat a credible message. You can learn more about Nooyi's career and accomplishments in the news release, "PepsiCo's Board of Directors Appoints Indra K. Nooyi as Chief Executive Officer Effective October 1, 2006," on the PepsiCo website, www.pepsico.com (Look under News, PepsiCo Releases, 2006). Address the letter to Indra Nooyi CEO, PepsiCO,Inc., 700 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY 10577

    2. Letter
    Unhappy customer: Claim letter requesting an adjustment. As a customer, you've probably bought something that didn't work right or paid for service that did not turn out the way you expected. Maybe it was a rip in a seam that you didn't find until you got home or a watch that broke a week after you bought it. Or maybe your family hired a lawn service to do some yard work - and no one from the company showed up on the day promised: and when the gardeners finally appeared, they did not do what they'd been hired for but did other things that wound up damaging valuable up damaging valuable plants. [ Ref: Negative messages]

    Your task: Choose such an incident from your own experience, and write a claim letter asking for a refund, repair, replacement, or other adjustment. You'll need to include all the details of the transaction, plus your contact address and phone number. If you can't think of such an experience is real, you might want to mail the letter. The reply you receive will provide a good test of your claim-writing skills.

    3. Ethical Choices.
    Youe boss wants you to send a message to the production staff, thanking all six members for their hard work and overtime to get the new manufacturing line set up and running on schedule. Your boss has been working a lot of time her self, and she's been under a lot of pressure. She wants to send the thank you message by e-mail and asks you to work on the wording. You think each member of the production staff should receive a formal letter to keep for future promotions or other jobs. You know your boss won't like being interrupted about an issue that she thinks is off her desk, and you know how valuable her time is. Select a course of action and provide your rational. [Analytical Report]
    A. Should you draft the letter and produce six copies so that you don't have to bother your boss?
    B. Should you simply draft the e-mail message as requested to save everyone time?
    C. Should you discuss the issue with your boss, regardless of taking her away from the tasks she so desperately needs to get done?

    4. Memo: Select one of the following.
    Based on my experience: Suggestions for improving your college or university.
    Your task: Write a brief memo (roughly 150 to 250 words) identifying at least one way in which your college experience could have been or still be improved through specific changes in policies, programs, facilities, or other elements. Your audience is the school's administration. Offer constructive criticism and specific arguments why your suggestions would help you - and possibly other students as well. Be sure to focus on meaningful and practical opportunities for improvement. If your instructor indicates, record the podcast and submit the file electronically.)

    --- I know that is based on my experience in my university. So I will give source for this memo. Please complete the memo. The source is library. There is lack of conference room for group presentation. (just five or six rooms) So when the conference rooms ( group study room) are full, students have conference anywhere in library. Therefore, there is so noise. In addition, there is lack of convenience. (just 4~5 computer and 2 vending machine.) Please complete the memo based this source. -----

    5. Memo
    Restaurant review: Observations of a restaurant's food and operations.
    Visit any restaurant. The workers and fellow customers will assume you are an ordinary customer, but you are a spy for the owner.
    Your task: After your visit, write a short memo to the owner, explaining.
    a. Any violations of policy that you observed and
    b. Your recommendations for improvements.
    Pick any one. For the A, use some common sense. If all the servers but one have their hair covered, you may assume that policy requires hair to be covered: a dirty window or restroom obviously violates policy. B incolces professional judgment. What management actions will improve the restaurant?

    --- That also need to be based my experience. Please write about outback or some restaurant we can see easily like family restaurant. I think your experience can be based also in here like my ordered food is late compared other one is lately order than me. Anything can be there.

    At last, I am sorry to request my assignment to you. I am so sorry.

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    Dear Ms. Nooyi,
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