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Writing Essays at Certificate and Diploma Level

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I am undertaking a course of study leading to a certificate in 'Tutor Training in Adult Literacy' at Waterford Institute of Technology, in Ireland. I would appreciate guidelines on essay writing and project work at this level. Last term I did a pilot module at Diploma level called Family Learning in the same course at and would appreciate guidelines at this level also. Is there a difference in the guidelines at the varying levels. It is a matter of pride to me to do my best and I cannot distinguish the difference of work required.

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This solution explains the differences in essay writing at the certificate and diploma level. It includes suggestions on how to stylize essays for a diploma level using appearance, formatting and revision.

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Let me make certain I understand your question. I am under the impression that you are asking, "what is the expectation of essay writings at the college level?". If so, here is my reply:
<br>Writing at the university level requires much more in depth research, clear and consistent content, and revisions, revisions, revisions. If you are familiar with writing essays, then you have experience in how to set up your essay format.
<br>Orderly presentation, ...

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