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Comparing Job Descriptions

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After you create a new education program for inmates without a high-school diploma, it is time to consider staff-related tasks. Staff-related tasks may include issues such as job descriptions, required skills, and training. Consider the following job descriptions of the staff members:

Job Description 1

Assist individuals in a correctional environment to take the GED examination.

Job Description 2

Prepare incarcerated inmates to pass a GED examination. Must have a Master's degree.

Job Description 3

Successfully teach correctional inmates in five subject areas covered by the GED examination—Writing, Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies. Must possess a state Teaching Certificate, preferably in Adult Education, in order to qualify for the position.

Analyze the job descriptions above. Compare and critique all three job descriptions. Which description is the best? Why?

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Compare three job descriptions then choose the best one.

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Description 1 is too ambiguous and without details about the job, the expectations, or the value of the work. The second description is better, but just barely. Not sure what the Master's degree is needed for, or in what subject areas. It is again, too general for a job description. ...

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