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Are job descriptions important the design of an organization?

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Are job descriptions a necessary tool within an organization? How does a job description help organize and align an organization's infrastructure? Can a job description be used to identify operation gaps or requirements required by the entity? Why or why not?

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According to Martocchio (2013, p. 124), "A job description summarizes a job's purpose and list its tasks, duties, and responsibilities, as well as the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to perform the job at a minimum level". Job descriptions are needed within an organization. A job description will help the organization better understand the skill base that is needed to improve the company. Job descriptions help in the hiring process, evaluations and termination of employees. A well prepared job description will help clear any confusion about the scope of a position, and ensure there is a shared common ...

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This response discusses the importance of job descriptions and the impact it has on the design of the organization.

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