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    Job Analysis and Work Analysis

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    Please explain the difference between a work analysis and a job analysis and why is it important to address both.

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    Difference between Work Analysis and Job Analysis:

    Job analysis can be said to be a systematic approach that is used in breaking down some work being done into tasks and duties. It tends to be a detailed process that ensures that all the tasks are done or performed and it goes as far as dividing the tasks into primary or main task and secondary tasks. Job analysis is a step to step approach that is utilized to collect, record, and analyze and interpret the information that has been collected (Heron, 2005). It is also a process that is used in identifying and determining some job duties and such requirements that are related to the importance of such duties for a given job. In this case, it involves collecting information about such duties, and even the necessary skills that are required for a particular job. Job analysis activities may include doing research over the web and doing sample job descriptions, doing analysis on tasks and responsibilities that are supposed to be carried out by the employee filling up a position, and even having to do a research with other companies that have similar jobs (Job Analysis, n.d.).

    On the other hand, work analysis is mostly used in analyzing an ...

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