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    Competency Processes

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    I need help with this: I have the first part of the paper but can't seem to find good information to complete the 2nd part. I need to describe some of the effective processes for identifying and defining competencies (such as job modeling or job analysis techniques, which include observations, focus groups, surveys, etc...) I need 500 words with References that do not require login credentials. Please attach separately as a Word doc in APA format. Please be sure APA formatting is correct including references because I can't seem to get it correct. Thank you.

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    Job analysis is considered as an in-depth study of a job. It provides information for job descriptions and job specifications. In the performance of job analysis, information about jobs is gathered through various means such as interviewing employees, observing performance of certain tasks, and asking employees to fill out questionnaires and worksheets. Additional information may also be gathered through secondary sources.

    Among the information that are gathered during the analysis include duties and responsibilities of the position, its scope and level, the context in which these are to be performed, the amount of responsibility, authority and accountability required to perform the work, and the major and minor activities.

    Performance Behaviours and competencies
    During the job analysis process, behaviours that serve as indicators of competencies and skills are identified to serve as bases of determining the quality of work of a person occupying a particular position. The extent that the competencies are possessed by an employee would indicate the corresponding level of quality of his work. Along the process, employees who displayed excellent, satisfactory, and good performance are identified. As further noted by ...

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