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    The nature of utilizing competency for staffing

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    Describe why an organization would choose competency-based job analysis over the more traditional form of job requirement job analysis. What are the pros and cons to each approach?

    The attachments are as follows:
    - The Nature of Staffing
    - Support Activities: Legal compliance, planning, job analysis and rewards
    - Support Activities: Planning
    - Support Activities: Job Analysis and Rewards

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    An organization would choose competency-based job-analysis over the more traditional form of job requirement job analysis because it allows the gathering of a job description that is more flexible and covers a multitude of tasks that may need to be accomplished instead of the traditional way of describing a particular or specific task that comes under a job description. Staffing the company with employees who can contribute to the company with their prior experiences leads to successful and productive experiences that benefit the employee and the present company. The traditional way has a set process of how a task is done ...

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    This explains the competency side of staffing and the reasons for it as opposed to the regular resume and background checks.
    There are approx 500 words and 1 reference.