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    What does the future hold for HR competencies?

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    Which of the four basic competencies for HR professionals do you think will be necessary in the future? How would this competency impact the ability to develop an organization's staffing plan?

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    HR has undergone a great deal of change over the years. In uncertain financial times there seems to be a significant downsizing of the HR workforce with more delegations of HR authority shifted to line managers. There is a growing concern as to how to meet an organizations needs with fewer HR professionals. This is where competencies come into play and what competencies would one need to posses to be successful. As stated by the Editor of Public HR (April, 1999) "Competencies can offer [HR practitioners] an ...

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    Four basic competencies for HR professionals exist. Of these four are any of these necessary in the future? This response will answer this question as well as how this competency can impact an organization's staffing plan. Additionally, it includes two references for further research of the topic.