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    Human Resource Systematic Processes to Staffing

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    1. Workforce planning is a systematic approach to anticipating staffing and recruiting needs and determining what actions should be taken to meet those needs. So what would be the advantages of an organization to set up a career planning program? Who should participate in the program? All employees? Selected employees?

    2. Employee Assessment and Selection... is it ' ethical'.. 'legal' and is there a 'benefit' to using personality assessment tests to determine who should receive a particular position ... or should it even be part of your hiring selection process? Do you think these assessments are 'valid predictors of success' on some jobs? Even if they are 'valid' ..should these tests be used?

    Please help me answer these questions in no less than 200 words for each of the two question, providing explanations. When references are used, please provide them.

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    // There are various elements in the Human Resource Processes. One of them is the 'Workforce planning'. So, here I am explaining this concept in terms of the advantages offered by career planning program to an Organization in the following manner://

    Human Resource Processes

    1. Advantages for an organization to set up a career planning program: The efficiency of HR management increases a great deal by developing a long term vision for career planning and development (Gupta, 2007). The major advantages for an organization include:

    ? Proper availability of individuals with the required capability, knowledge and skills is ensured by effective career planning and development.

    ? The satisfaction of the employee's expectations and minimization of their frustration-levels is constantly taken care of by a well-designed career-plan.

    ? The ability of an organization to attract and retain efficient employees is improved by good practices and policies.

    ? It would also ensure that adequate opportunities for growth and development are provided to women and candidates ...

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