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ABC Healthcare Company: Job Study and Job Design

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The case study, in part:
The ABC Healthcare Company (or "ABC Healthcare") was formed one year ago as a result of a merger between two health care companies: The Arthritis Company, Inc., and the Famous Healthcare Company. Over the past year, because ABC Healthcare top management team has been primarily preoccupied with organizational restructuring (e.g., merging executive management, accounting, and information systems) and acquiring efficiencies (while maintaining organizational effectiveness), little attention has been paid to the specifics of job design. Now that most of the operational challenges have been resolved, top management recognizes the need to turn its attention to formalizing - and to refining - job design across the company (the CFO has been complaining that the company's payroll expense - as compared to companies of similar size - is inordinately high).

As an independent consultant who specializes in the completion of job studies, job analysis, and the impact of job structure on overall organizational performance (in large companies), you were recently hired by the Chief Operating Officer (COO) to assist ABC's new HRM Director to complete an effective job study before the company writes up formal job descriptions and job specifications. How would you approach this process?

The solution process is over 500 words and provides guidance on what to do before, during and after a job study.

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This solution is over 500 words and thoroughly describes how to conduct a job study, in a case study scenario of ABC Healthcare Company, which was recently formed due to a merger. The solution provides examples on how to obtain current inventory of all positions, how to batch into classifications and the methods behind performing a job study. The study should reflect essential knowledges, skills and abilities for successfully performing the job. This solution includes a couple ideas of how to secure that data.

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An effective job study begins with a complete inventory of every position within ABC Healthcare (herein after ABC). When companies merge, it is common for employees to be performing similar tasks; with completely different titles and even pay structures. This inventory stage shall include obtaining current job descriptions and salary scales for all employees. Categorizing will occur next, defining all job descriptions into exempt and non-exempt status. This is a vital step to review what is currently being used and auditing to ensure those employees who are denoted as exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) actually meet the requirements to be classified as such. Any misclassifications shall take priority in redesigning the job descriptions. After going through the FLSA audit, a second ...

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