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    Employee Evaluation Methods

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    Can someone explain to me what are some performance evaluation methods used and can they be discriminatory?

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    There are various performance evaluation methods that can be used and often, if not implemented properly, can be seen as discriminatory.

    According to http://www.performance-appraisal.com/home.htm, there are three evaluation methods that are commonly used and they are: rating scales, essays and results orientation models.

    Rating Scales: This method assumes recognizes the specific and various traits and background needed to fulfill requirements for certain positions within an organization and that what might pertain to one position is not necessarily the same for another. The rating scale clearly and simply outlines that responsibilities associated with each position. The rating scale is simple and is just what is sounds like - a scale of lets say 1-10 and employees are rated on ...

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    A look at various evaluation methods that can be and are used in the workplace. A discuss of how some of these methods produce more realistic and reliable results than other, often resulting in better employee performance. Also discussed are how some of these evaluation methods can be discriminatory.