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Objectivity in Employee Performance Appraisal

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I need help in answering this question. Can a fair and objective evaluation process ever be achieved in the workplace? Do manager's personal opinions of the employee and the employee's work cloud the objectiveness of the appraisal? Explain your answer in at least 250 words

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On objective evaluation process:

Yes. It can be achieved only if the organization has set of procedures and criteria in the evaluation process. To be fair to all workers those procedures and criteria must be a result of consultation between the workers and the management. Copies of the final evaluation criteria must be disseminated to all concerned.

This is what Marquis (2013) meant when he said that "to be fair to employees throughout the company, managers often use objective methods for determining performance in the workplace. Objective methods demonstrate to the manager whether the employee is ...

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This is a 300-word discussion on the advantages of objectivity in evaluating the performance of the employees. Objectivity minimizes the occurrence of employee dissatisfaction in the workplace.

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