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Martha Stewart Living: Feedback from subordinates for performance evaluation.

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A comprehensive evaluation of a person's performance should take into account the feedback from subordinates. This policy is not uncommon in academic institutions in which students evaluate or provide feedback about teachers. Examine the merits and weaknesses of this policy for a large business organization. Cite all sources.

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One of the objectives of performance evaluation is to provide individuals with information for their personal development. According to Cherrington (1999), people need feedback on performance to help them improve; people want to know how they are doing and where they need to improve.

This is supposed to be the objective of superiors' appraisal by subordinates. It should be a way by which the managers would discover how well they have been handling their subordinates, using the employees' perspectives. The feedback may provide inputs in discovering strengths and weaknesses of superiors/managers.

However, a major issue in the use of 360 feedback systems is the use of subordinate ratings. Recently, in some North American businesses, subordinates have been given the opportunity to assess their superiors ...

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