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Middle manager planning a training session for your supervisors

You are a middle manager for a company and are planning a training session for your supervisors on effective versus ineffective leadership. You know from past training sessions that the use of real-life examples (from personal, work, or current events) is an effective way to transmit your message.

You decide to start your training session using a real-life example.

Research and discuss a leader, executive, or manager who is famous for theory X, autocratic decision-style methods. Include the following information:

?Based on your research, describe the executive's experiences. How would you assess his or her leadership style, skills, and results? Do you endorse this leadership style? Why or why not?
?Relate this to people you have observed in your own personal experiences (at work, at places of worship, in the news, etc.) in leadership roles, and give at least two examples of practices that these individuals used which seemed to be very motivational and inspirational to the workforce. Was there any downside to these individuals using these methods in their leadership style?

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Martha Stewart - Autocratic Leader

One of the autocratic leaders of our times is Martha Stewart. She is famous for being a follower of the Theory X. She built her empire with being involved in every way possible. She was and is demanding and looks for every detail to be just right. Many professionals argue that she may have done better to allow others some breathing room and allowed them to be move involved in her business. She may have grown bigger than she is; however, Martha Stewart feels she has "set a standard, and I'm going to stick to the standard. I may have been able to grow faster and maybe my business could have been bigger, but because I really feel very serious about my subject, I really want to be hands-on (Academy of Achievement, 2012)."

Martha Stewart successfully launched Premier Magazine and also successfully had a career at ABC for many years (Ledbetter, 2008). She is well known for Martha Stewart Living Omni media. The arrangement between MSLO and Kmart is purely one-way. Kmart needed financial help and Martha Stewart saw an opportunity. Kmart does not tell MSLO what to do. Again, this is a prime example of the autocratic methodology known to be Martha Stewart.

The Theory X states that employees are lazy, ineffective, cannot make decisions, and normally dislike work. The leaders that follow this theory ...

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Middle managers planning for a training session for your supervisor is examined.