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Super Safe Security (SSS): Training and Development

You work for Super Safe Security (SSS) and it's your organization's job to make sure that attendees at different events are safe. For example, at the Classy Convention Center (CCC), you employ individuals to monitor metal detectors to make sure no one enters the center with weapons. Lately, there has been an increase in conflicts at events and, with a high profile event around the corner, you want to be very sure that employees have the skills necessary to make sure that everyone is safe. Specifically, you want to make sure that those individuals monitoring the metal detectors have the skills and abilities to do their job with less than a 0.1% error.
Your Role/Assignment
You are the training manager at SSS and need to make a recommendation on how to proceed with this situation.
The people below have expressed their feelings and thoughts on this issue. Review them carefully before doing the activity.
Carl Smith, the Controller at SSS

"Training costs money. All of these employees have already been formally trained in their job. This training would be a refresher and, by the estimates outlined in the training needs assessment, to conduct this training would cost at least $15,000."

Michelle Becker, the Sales Manager at SSS

"While I have faith in our employees, the customer has a significant requirement and it's our obligation to make sure that nothing happens. If we drop the ball we will not only lose this customer but it might impact getting other business. Remember the old adage "better safe than sorry" not to mention the SSS mission "to provide safety needs so that the customer doesn't have to worry."

Penny Olsen, the PR Manager at CCC

"We need to be sure that there are no incidents at the upcoming high profile event. We have an established relationship with SSS and we trust that you know what is best to make sure that our participants and attendees will be safe. The upcoming event is a one-time only occasion but the stakes are high since there will not only be some very high profile participants but a full house of 50,000 in attendance."

1. How do you respond to each of these perspectives?
2. What is your summary recommendation to move ahead?
In your response, be sure to incorporate what you perceive to be the goals of your organization and how they would impact your decision.


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In today's environment, training plays an important role in a company in order to introduce and implement new technology and to develop the knowledge and skills of employees. With the help of training, company can also provide information about new technology to the new and existing employees of the organization. In the given situation, manager can provide effective training to employees in order to monitor the metal detectors in right way (Wilson, 2005).
In order to give response to the controller, Carl Smith, it can be stated that this training session would not be a refresher for employees. With the support of this training, training manager can provide efficient skills to the employees that are necessary for monitoring the metal detectors and to maintain the safety of high profile participants of CCC. It is right that all the employees have skills and knowledge about their work or tasks but this training session will increase the knowledge about new equipment that will help them to ensure the safety of participants in ...

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