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    NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards

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    Analyze both the NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards and the NACCP's Components of NAC Accreditation Standards with regard to student health and safety. Download today and discover the latest research on health and safety standards.

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    1. The National Association of Child Care Professionals, NACCP

    The NACCP, a component of the NAC is an association accreditation program committed to offering early learning leaders the opportunity to demonstrate and document quality performance using research-based criteria. The NACCP has been in operation for nearly 30 years. They recently went through a re-branding campaign formerly known as National Association of Child Care Professionals. The program is dedicated to making a difference and assuring families and students are healthy and safe. NACCP is a network of professionals that collaborate on all aspects of administration, staff management, and leadership; customer service and marketing, fiscal practices and legal issues unique to the field.

    The central goal is to maintain compliance with licensing standards, state and local regulations for health and safety for children in group settings, maintain confidentiality of records, implement security measures for protection of children and staff; establish written policy for illness given to parents of children in the group. What conclusions do they offer? Various memberships are available, individual cost is $130, affiliate's cost is $85, and individuals with a career in caring, or education the cost is $40.

    The NACCP has an online training program, and self-study. The program has written policy regarding illness that is given to all parents. Parents are notified of accidents, illnesses, and detection of parasites. Members also receive training on CPR and first aid. The program agrees to administer medication; policies and procedures are written and implemented to protect the child, caregiver and program.

    2. The National Association for the Education of Young ...

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    Here the expert compares and contrast The NAEYC Early Childhood Program standards and The NACCP's Components of NAC Accreditation Standards.