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High Quality Child Care

High Quality Child Care has been proven to be beneficial for all children by promoting school readiness skills. What does ''High-Quality'' program look like? please Include process quality and structural quality.

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In the United States, the main organization that oversees the quality of child care centers is the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). NAEYC provides accreditation for high quality child care centers. The accreditation is based on ten standards, which include hundreds of criteria. Looking at these standards and criteria can help us to see what a high quality child care program might look like.

Two of NAEYC's standards ("Health" and "Physical Environment") are written to ensure the health and safety of all children in the child care center. This means that in high quality centers, all children have current medical exams and vaccinations, and adults working with children have training in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Pediatric First Aid and CPR. All classrooms need to provide at least 35 feet of ...

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I use the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) criteria to help understand some of the standards that are essential in high-quality early childhood education. Specifically, I talk about the areas of "Health", "Physical Environment", "Relationships" (between teachers, families and the community), "Curriculum", "Teaching" and "Assessment".