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Minimum of Health Care

A mother brings her daughter to the emergency room every time she has an asthma attack. Her parents are part of the working middle class; however, they cannot afford health insurance and their income exceeds the minimum for the State's Children Health Insurance Program or federal assistance. The child is treated for her asthma attack at the hospital and she is discharged from the emergency department. Two weeks later, they return to the hospital in a virtually identical scenario. Do you think that the child has received adequate care? Should everyone be entitled to a basic "minimum of health care"... or to the exact same health care? What are the ethical, moral, and legal issues that a health administrator is faced with in this scenario?

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I think the child did receive adequate care because she has a history of asthma attacks and thus, the hospital would have given due care to her before releasing her from the hospital.

Yes, everyone should be entitled to minimum healthcare. It is not possible for healthcare provides to offer exact quality of healthcare to all the citizens due to lack of ...

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