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    Characteristics of High Quality Child Care

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    Identify characteristics of what you would determine to be a "high quality" childcare program. Include in your response components of both process and structural quality. Do you believe high quality early childcare can reduce the demand for high cost special education, social welfare, and criminal justice systems?

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    A child care provider must be warm and caring and also attentive to all the needs of the children in care. They must be respectful of the children, parents, and the community. It is essential that a child care provider has positive verbal interactions with the children because this affects the child social development. A quality childcare program will have sufficient staff to meet the needs of the children. It is recommended that a ratio of at least one adult for every 3-4 infants and one adult for every 4-6 toddlers. This gives each adult more time on an individual basis with each child. It is also more beneficial to the children if the teachers have specialized training in early ...

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    Describes the characteristics of a quality daycare or childcare center.