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    24 Hour Daycare Center Business Problem

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    Solving a Complex Problem of a 24 Hour Daycare Center

    Discuss a 24 hour daycare center issues of productivity, process improvement, inventory, capacity, forecasting, and quality from an operations management viewpoint.

    Discuss how you would solve these issues - How do the solutions interact?


    Discuss the various issues of operations separately.

    Discuss how these operations issues interact with each other. In what ways do these operations issues interact to create bigger, compound problems or do they act to reduce some issues?

    How in what ways does the solutions or improvements work synergistically?

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    Operations management:

    The need for funding is a key issue among the professionals dealing with this service area and the child care centre operators. Money is needed to fund its subsequent growth and to begin operation. Funding sources will neither grunt nor lend funds unless you can demonstrate that you will repay and manage the money wisely. The loan package will need to be accompanied by an abbreviated and complete business plan (Oklahoma Department of Human Services, n.d).

    A lender will want to know about your strategies on how to stay in business and your ability to manage a business. Financial forecasts will always require three years of historical financial statements for already existing businesses. Five years of projected statements will be required for existing and new businesses (Oklahoma Department of Human Services, n.d).

    Quality issues:

    The most critical issue facing the families and states is whether there is available quality child care that is enough for working mothers. Most research indicates that the quality of child care continues to be sub-par despite the increases in the federal child care funding in recent years. Child care may deprive children of the stimulation needed to develop their brains to the fullest and puts those with depressed with depressed and poor mothers at greater risk by further eroding the mother-child bond. It also increases their mothers? Negativity toward them and hurt intellectual and verbal skills. High quality, staff stability, center administrator experience and staff education is linked to the characteristic of high staff-to child ratios (Oklahoma Department of Human Services, n.d).

    Process improvement issues:

    Another key component revolves around adequate compensation for child care workers although adequate funding is an important component toward improving the quality of child care. This involves being able to retain and provide sufficient incentive to attract high quality employees (National child care information center, n.d).

    Productivity issues:

    Childcare is a significant economic issue for a number of reasons including the effects of child care costs on labor supply, labor force trends particularly the dramatic increase in the number of women who are working and the effects of child care on employee productivity. The availability of ...

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    This solution discusses issues of productivity, process improvement, inventory, capacity, forecasting, and quality from an operations management viewpoint related to a 24 hour daycare center.