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    Marketing: Childcare Services to Target retail store customers

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    Please help with the following problem.

    Marketing Plan Phase III

    Introduction of new Childcare Service to Target Retail Store Customers

    Target Stores is introducing on-site Childcare Services to its customers so that they may shop without distraction. The service is free and Target is offering the service to show that it cares about the well being of its customers and to improve customer shopping experience. ensure that customers I am introducing a new Childcare Service.

    I need help with describing the attributes of Target's new service in detail. One paragraph is sufficient.

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    Target will be offering an on-site childcare service. This service is available for all customers who shop at Target and need a little "alone time" while shopping with their children. The center will be open to all children from ...

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    The following posting helps with a marketing problem. The solution discusses how successful adding child care into Target stores will be for customer service. The attributes of the child care are analyzed.