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Multi-channel e-Business' Online Marketing

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How could a multi-channel e-business company's online marketing efforts be integrated with their offline marketing efforts? What are the anticipated benefits and impact of an integrated online/offline marketing strategy?

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Integration of a multi-channel e-business company's online marketing efforts with its offline marketing efforts is shown in the following examples:

? Best Buy Co., Inc. - The company has been operating its merchandising departments both online and offline. In the area of sales and customer service, the company has started to equip its sales associates with PDAs so that they can instantly access product information as they assist the customers in the store.

? Recreational Equipment Inc. - The store's online division keeps separate merchandising and inventory management departments but it also provides real-time access to its online inventory by using their in-store kiosks and Web-based POS systems. Management are looking for innovative ways to improve their customers' experience and make their various channels more accessible.

? Circuit City - ...

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503 words; 2 references; 4 examples of companies integrating their online marketing with their offline marketing efforts & 6 benefits of integrated online/offline marketing strategies

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