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Channel Design Assessment

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What is channel design?

How has the Internet impacted channel design?

How is channel design different domestically as opposed to internationally?

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The way a company chooses the way to deploy their products and services greatly determines the success in its buying relationship with its customers. Customers not only value powerful branded products but also expect sustainable differentiation through the delivery of superior value in the solutions that companies offer. When we talk about channel design we are more concerned of the way products are being delivered to the customers by the manufacturers. Companies have their own ways and strategies of channel selection and deployment of goods. They change their strategies as the years go by as they realize the value and importance of exploiting multiple channels so that they can reach the customers that they are catering to. The linking between the manufacturers and the customers lists down some tasks that include affecting the sale and the delivery of the products to the customers ...

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* Description of channel design.
* Approaches and strategies to link manufacturers to customers through the Internet.
* Domestic and international marketing.
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