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    TQM in the Child Care Business

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    Explain how TQM applies or should apply to child care/day care business. Include some examples of TQM application concepts include an explanation of why a child care/day care business would use TQM to find opportunity to solve a problem; how TQM applies to continuous improvement of an existing product or service; and how organizations might utilize TQM to continue to be better than competition.

    Organize the solution in terms of an introduction, body, and summary/conclusion.

    Please provide at least two sources/references. Please provide proper references and cites properly format. If you are using a book, please provide chapter, paragraph and/or page number(s)

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    According to Gormley, total quality management (TQM) is a management strategy employed by organizations that emphasizes the importance of working together, satisfying customers, and the collaborative method of solving problems. Although TQM has been popularly successful in manufacturing industries, TQM has some elements that can be applied to child care.

    TQM in the Child Care Industry

    TQM has put importance on customer focus. The customers' complaints and feedbacks must be responded right away. The child care industry can involve parents to design the policies and programs, staff selection, search for sponsors to fund the program, and do everything for the good of the child care program. The degree of parental involvement determines the availability of examinations as cognitive development is more emphasized than health in the child care field. A TQM concept on reduction of cost is applied in this sense. It is cheaper to administer physical, dental, ...

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    The solution explains how Total Quality Management (TQM) can be applied to the child care business. References are included.