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    CF & G Organizational Change and development

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    Library Research Assignment

    You have been working for CF&F for the past 5 months as the human resource manager. You decide to look at ways to improve the organization, and you begin by reviewing succession planning in the organization.

    You learn that before you joined the company, there were some retirements of upper management. Many of these positions were filled by individuals experienced in your industry but from other companies. Growth in CF&F created a need for new middle managers, and the majority of the new positions were filled by experienced individuals from other companies. As part of the expansion, the company recruited a few engineers who were freshly out of college to help optimize production and lower cost.

    In reviewing training and employee histories, you discover that historically, frontline supervisors were promoted from within the company. However, once promoted, they did not receive any managerial development training. You also notice that 85% of your hourly employees have been with the company for more than 5 years.

    In past few months, you have heard from some of the hourly employees that management has not been keeping promises concerning employee training and promotion. Some of the employees even fear for their jobs if they complain about the work environment. Employees are also concerned that members of management are not adhering to company polices, but they are forcing the employees to follow company policies. Employees feel resentment over this.

    Because of the overwhelming production schedule, you feel that frontline supervisors are not training employees properly, and they leave many of the decisions up to the hourly employees. However, you cannot find records of these employees receiving training to support them in their ability to make sound business and production decisions.

    Some of the employees are coming to you and voicing concerns. Because of the lack of communication, professional development, and leadership from management, they are concerned for their personal safety. They feel that sometimes shortcuts are taken to meet production quotas, and safety is not given proper consideration in these decisions.
    As you start to investigate the allegations from the hourly employees, you find out that frontline supervisors are not happy either. Their concerns are that no one from upper management will back them up when it comes to making technical or managerial decisions.

    Research and develop a detailed plan that will increase communications, training for hourly employees and management, and teamwork across all functional areas of your division. Remember to consider that every member of the CF&F team should embrace the plan for change.

    The plan should include the following:

    ? A complete diagnosis of the problem, potential causes, and an analysis of the current state and desired future state after the change
    ? Specific strategies for each of the developmental areas: increased communication, training for hourly employees and management, and teamwork
    ? Developed strategies that will guide management in the decision-making process regarding plan implementation
    ? A clear plan regarding how you will advise management on direction and focus as the plan is implemented
    ? The indicators or trends you will measure so you are able to tell management if the plan is successful

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    Solution Preview

    1. The paper may be titled as :
    CF & F Management Problem

    2. The paper can start with the identification of the problem as :
    Lack of unified organizational leadership thereby adversely affecting the company's growth and productivity
    3. This is to be followed by the listing of the potential cause of the problem:
    Potential Causes
    The problem cropped up because...:
    - Upper Management positions in CF&F are...
    - Majority of the new middle management positions were filled by...
    4. On the analysis of the problems, start by identifying the causes of the problem and discuss why the problems occurred and what should be done:
    Analysis of Current state
    When upper and middle management positions are filled by manpower coming from other companies, their loyalty may not be 100% for the company. This is probably due to the fact that these neophytes have not seen how the company has grown....
    When a company recruits engineers freshly out of college, the company does not and will not be able to save resources. New graduates lack the necessary training...
    Frontline supervisors are the key to delivering quality products and service to the clients/customers...
    5. Based on the background of events stated you can now formulated a strategy.

    CF & F Management Problem

    Lack of unified organizational leadership thereby adversely affecting the company's growth and productivity

    Potential Causes
    The problem cropped up because of the following causes:
    - Upper Management positions in CF&F are filled by individuals coming from other companies
    - Majority of the new ...

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    This solutions identifies problems and causes encountered by CF & F Company. It analysis also the company's current and desired future state and what specific strategies maybe implement to ensure success.