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    Diagnosis of the Problems at CF&F

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    Use the Analysis model for diagnosis and explain what diagnostic tools, such as surveys and focus groups, would be appropriate for these problem, and why.

    Diagnosis of the Problems at CF&F:

    - Large turnover of upper management
    - Middle management person hired from other companies
    - Incorporated a few engineers recently out of college to optimize production and lower cost
    - Frontline supervisors promoted within company and without any management without any skills
    - Employees complaining of management not keeping their promise concerning employees training and promotion.
    - Employees fear loosing their job if they complain of work environment
    - Employees has concerns that management is not obeying to company policies, but forces employees to follow, employees feel bitterness over this
    - Overwhelming production schedules, and because of this Human Resource Manager believe that Frontline Supervisor are not training employees properly and leave a lot of decision make up to the employees
    - Employees are complaining to the HR because of lack of communication, professional development, leadership from management and concerned for their personal safety
    - Frontline Supervisor are not happy themselves; no one from upper management will back them, when it comes to making technical or managerial decision


    Write possible Interventions, such as safety training, improving organization-wide communications, and career development, to use to solve the problem.

    Focus on each population in the organization:

    What interventions are appropriate for senior management?

    What interventions are appropriate for managers?

    What interventions are appropriate for line employees?

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