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    HR Manager for CF&F: Diagnose the problem, develop strategies & clear plan

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    You have been working for CF&F for the past 5 months as the Human Resource Manager. Your company has recently had a large turnover of upper management and has hired a number of new middle management persons from other companies. It has also integrated a few engineers freshly out of college to help optimize production and lower cost. Historically, Frontline Supervisors have been promoted from within the company and without any management development training. Eighty-five percent of your hourly employees have been with the company 5+ years.

    In past few months you have heard from some of the hourly employees that management has not been keeping their promises concerning employee training and promotion. Some of the employees even fear for their jobs if they complain about the work environment. Employees are also concerned that management is not adhering to company polices, yet forcing the employees to follow company policies. Employees feel resentment over this.

    Because of the overwhelming production schedule, you feel that Frontline Supervisors are not training employees properly and they leave a lot of the decision- make up to the hourly employees. Some of the employees are coming to you and voicing concerns that because of the lack of communication, professional development and leadership from management, they are concerned for their personal safety.

    As you start to investigate the allegations from the hourly employees, you find out that Frontline Supervisors are not happy, either. Their concerns are that no one from upper management will back them up when it comes to making technical or managerial decisions.

    Using the Cybrary and internet, develop a detailed plan that will increase communications, training, professional development and teamwork across all functional areas of your division.

    The plan should include the following:

    A complete diagnosis of the problem.
    Developed strategies that will guide management in their decision-making process regarding plan implementation.
    A clear plan regarding how you will advise management on direction and focus as they implement the plan.
    Remember to consider that every member of the CF&F team should embrace the plan for change. Include the indicators or trends will you could track to tell management if the plan is/will be successful.

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    A complete diagnosis of the problem.

    There is not much commitment from the top management. Leadership is lacking and there seems to be not much loyalty as evidenced from the turnover in the top management.

    The company should develop strategies that will guide management in their decision-making process regarding plan implementation. The leadership should come from the top and the decision making process of the lower management should be backed by the top management, so that the lower management feels comfortable in making decisions and feels that they will be backed by the top management. In common usage, leadership generally refers to:* the position or office of an authority figure, such as a Company President* a group of influential people, such as a shop floor leadership* guidance or direction, as in the phrase "the foreman is not providing much leadership"* capacity or ability to lead, as in the phrase "she exercised effective leadership" If we define leadership simply as "influencing others to some purpose" and ...

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