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    Contributions towards Martha Stewart Omnimedia's business success

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    1. A synopsis of Martha Stewart Omnimedia's history.
    2. How Martha Stewart's name and fame contributed to MSO's early success.
    3. What were the management practices that helped MSO in its early success?

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    The Martha Stewart History

    Martha Stewart's Omnimedia (MSO) was created in 1997 as a product of her relationship with Time Warner, and her acquisition of a majority share in Martha Stewart Living Enterprises (MSL) (Coffier, 2001). The company started as a result of the many successes Stewart has had as a caterer, book writer, television host, and entrepreneur. As the result of her many successes, Martha Stewart joined forces in 1995 with Time Warner Corporation (Coffier, 2001). She convinced Time Warner that her past successes were viable enough to merit expansion in several areas. Time Warner agreed with Stewart, and her lawyers, joining forces and giving Stewart a minority share in the newly found enterprise. Martha quickly began negotiations with Time Warner and garnered ever increasing shares of the business venture, until she finally bought out Time Warner's interest, and struck out independently as MSO (Coffier, 2001).

    Name Contributions to Early Success

    By the time ...

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    The contributions towards Martha Omnimedia`s business success are determined. The management practices that helped MSO in its early success is determined.