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    Martha Stewart: Brand and Business Ethics

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    1. Martha Stewart repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, despite her conviction and failed appeal, yet she still says she did nothing wrong. Is this the right strategy?
    2. Did Stewart's actions justify her subsequent sentencing, and the sentencing of her associates?
    3. Compare this to other executives' wrongdoings.

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    1) For a normal company Martha Stewart's insistence on her innocence may not make for a good corporate public relations strategy. However there is nothing normal about Martha Stewarts Company, the very brand is based on her and her personality and is tied to her name. Her insistence on innocence can be looked at as a play for public sympathy and control of public perception. Also we have to take into account her own personal opinion and belief ...

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    The expert examines Martha Stewart's brand and business ethics. Other executive wrongdoings are compared.