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Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSO) and its founder, Martha Stewart, have been prominently in the news over the felony conviction of its namesake founder. Use the South University Online Library Databases and Internet websites to search for different news reports regarding this issue and identify at least three different perceptions on the overall issue. Differentiate between the "obvious" conclusions based on facts and those conclusions that are based on values and opinions.

Design a PowerPoint presentation for management and employees of MSO on the variety of different interpretations of Martha Stewart's actions that led to her felony conviction. Evaluate the public perceptions, the reality of the situation, and any possible mitigating circumstances, rather than continue with an outright condemnation of Stewart's actions.
The perceptions and opinions of prominent opinion leaders on the issue certainly have some influence on the perceptions of the people of MSO. Do you think that such influences might affect the morale and performance? What steps can be taken by MSO to offset the biases that may develop internally?

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