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    Course Evaluation & Diversity Training

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    How does training course evaluation affect employee training? What evaluation methods could HRM use to ensure training programs meet organizational and legal requirements? How does diversity affect employee training and development?

    about 400 words, three references, answers in bullets so you can expand to longer

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    With regard to diversity training, according to Global Alliance (2010) it challenges employees to confront and embrace differences in their workplace; covering the fundamental principles of diversity, employees learn about:
    1) Establishing fair and respectful working relationships with co-workers;
    2) Developing a greater awareness regarding communications with co-workers;
    3) Acquiring skills to manager inter-management conflict;
    4) Assuming individual responsibility for a positive and considerate work environment;
    5) Reporting behaviors and actions that are counterproductive;
    6) Reporting behaviors and actions that violate company policies as well as anti-discrimination an anti-harassment laws.

    According to "Course Evaluation" Training (2010) here are a list of things that should be followed in any course evaluation training: (# 6, #7 and #8 are factors that can affect employee training):
    1) Be selective; don't bombard learners with a huge list of questions; work out what you really want to know, and then work out the best way of finding out;
    2) Be realistic: form-filling is not fun so don't expect people to conscientiously work their way through a long, complex evaluation form; and don't read too much into the results of a rushed process;
    3) Be creative: creative evaluative processes will more fully engage learners and provide you with feedback that you want and that you will be able to use;
    4) Be ...

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    In terms of a list of things which should be followed in any course evaluation training include: being selective; being realistic; being creative; being careful; being honest; being balanced; being holistic, and being human. In terms of how evaluation methods can ensure training programs, one can follow OPM's (US Office of Personnel Management) Training guidelines.