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Stress Relief Management (Evaluation)

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Devise a method for assessing your workshop's effectiveness. How will you know if your audience "gets it"? This assessment must be included as part of your planning and must explain how you will measure the effectiveness of your training.

I have to come up with a way to assess the effectiveness of the "workshop". We've chosen Hatha Yoga and Music Therapy. Method and Participation aren't my portions to complete, just the end part, the assessment. Devising a way to see if the audience understands and "gets" the workshop.

How do I assess if the audience "gets it"?

The rest of the assignment:

You will create a stress management training session using the relaxation techniques studied in this course
The written project will describe your planned training session including:
Method: Describe how you plan to conduct the training session. Your plans/ideas may include guest speakers, videotapes, individual or group exercises or activities. Think about your physical environment and communication technology/methods — overheads, PowerPoint, handouts, purchased materials. Be as creative as you can be in order to catch and keep the attention of the participants.

Content of the Training Session:

Describe the stress management tool you have chosen. Write from one to three paragraphs about each of these topics:
- describe the specific tool or topic you've chosen to present
- explain why this is an important stress management tool
- demonstrate how someone could apply this management tool to reduce or eliminate stress
demonstrate how this tool recognizes diversity in populations and the reaction to stress.
Describe how you will involve the audience in your presentation. Your training should have an active element that offers an opportunity to practice or experience the techniques or use the stress-reduction tools you present.

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I have provided you with a model for evaluation in the attached Word Document and pasted below.

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Stress Management course

One sure way to evaluate the effectiveness of Hatha Yoga and Music Therapy is to evaluate its effectiveness using the Kirkpatrick Model. The Kirkpatrick Model is a four-step model developed by renowned Professor Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick (Chapman, 2011). Dr. Kirkpatrick used four levels of effectiveness for evaluating training programs. They are identified as, reaction, learning, behavior changes and organizational results (Chapman, 2011). These four levels are effective in developing a plan to ensure participants in the training program truly exhibit understanding of the program, as well as, can apply the program to their life to obtain the desired stress relieving results from the workshop.


To start, it is important to measure the reaction of a participant to Hatha Yoga and Music Therapy. This common evaluation method typically uses a post-training questionnaire that gives the participant choices on a scale. For instance, 1 = Disagree Strongly, or 5 = Agree Strongly. Questions can be asked that will narrow down the participant's reaction to the workshop, and how understandable the workshop was ...

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This 766 word solution provides 2 references that tie all the material together. The solution explains how to effectively evaluate whether a program is effective in reaching its objectives. This specific case concerns the success of Hatha Yoga and Music Therapy on stress relief, but it can be applied to many scenarios.