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    Risk Management Technique

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    In 400 words explain brainstorming risk management techniques and the rationale behind selecting brainstorming risk management technique. Conduct a risk assessment of the company AT&T to show how risk management contributes to stakeholder wealth maximization.

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    Brainstorming is a group session activity which results in a collection of ideas which are trimmed down into few choices if the list becomes too long. They can use decision-making tools, e.g., an affinity diagram to do this. The best way to use these techniques is to combine the brainstorming techniques: structured (all group members are given the chance to share ideas), free-form (spontaneous way of sharing), and silent (ideas are collected from members writing them on small slips of paper) brainstorming.

    Financial risk management deals with the uncertainties which have resulted from financial markets by assessing the financial risks and developing management strategies that are consistent with the organization's internal policies. Brainstorming financial risk management involves making organizational decisions about the risks that are involved by using a variety of strategies and products that can help reduce them ...

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    The rationale behind selecting brainstorming risk management technique and a risk assessment of AT&T Company. References are included.