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Organizational Behavior Model: People First Strategy

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I need help to get started on this assignment: Write an article supporting People First Strategy. What are the three levels of analysis in the Organizational Behavior model? Are they related? If so, how? Articles would also be welcomed.

Thank you.

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Interesting questions! Let's take a closer look at the two questions more closely.


1. Write an article supporting People First Strategy.

Writing an article like this one means that you provide several pieces of evidence to back up your argument. You will be arguing that the People First Strategy is an effective strategy because it creates an environment where people are given opportunities to flourish and realize their full potential (thesis). The body of your paper will be evidence supporting your thesis e.g., provide three or four reasons why you think this is true. The reasons should be empirically supported. Your tentative outline might look something to the effect:

I. Introduction (introduce topic and state thesis)
II. Arguments supporting the People First Strategy
a. Supports Diversity (examples of success stories)
b. Reduces turnover in the workplace (examples of success)
c. Reduces homelessness and societal disadvantages

III. Conclusion (restate thesis statement and sum up main points)

Now, let's look at some information for you to consider for each section of the above tentative outline.

The People First strategy is effective because it creates an environment where people are given opportunities to flourish and realize their full potential. In the workplace, for example, the People First Strategy recognizes that all employees are different and seeks to create a work environment that is inclusive and embraces the diversity of all people. On the other hand, in social setting, People First Strategy recognizes that all people deserve to equal opportunities and seeks to create a society that is just and fair to all its citizens through offering programs and funding to various social groups in need.

Now, you will need to argue why you think People first Strategy is effective in the workplace in the 21 century.

People ...

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This solution provides information and direction for writing an article supporting 'People First Strategy'. Various supporting arguments are explored. Two supporting articles are also provided.

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