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    How to Balance Accessibility with Style in Writing and Editing

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    Questions often arise, especially in many writing and editing classes, about the importance of having a distinct writing style that must also be accessible. Here we briefly discuss the importance of balancing certain factors that go into making a writing style both striking but also accessible to a relatively broad readership that will also include individuals who might not have a very broad vocabulary base.

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    When it comes to editorials, opinion pieces and even creative ventures outside the scope of journalism, a writer is truly putting their name out and taking the broadest level of ownership of the written content in question. It's the one style of news and journalism where the individual gets to make a mark distinct from the general style and format of the publication, although again, it isn't a process that is entirely devoid of an editing process. Having that said, it is the one area where writers may feel compelled to show off their argumentative skills, not just in presenting a compelling argument, but doing so with a style of language usage that can make a distinct impression and the balancing act involved in keeping the language both compelling yet accessible to as ...

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    A brief discussion on the importance of counterbalancing a distinct and vocabulary-rich writing style with an approach that makes the writing accessible rather than alienating for readers.