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Importance and Implications of Transparency or Sources

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The topic of ethics and transparency has always been a cornerstone of journalistic inquiry. With the recent surge in the online medium by way of New Media, there has been an emergence of considerably newer challenges and interests with regards to the evolving role of ethics in journalism. In the following solution's discussion, we will examine a simple but consistent case for the growing importance of transparency of fact sources (references)--where possible--and disclosure of interest in helping freelancers establish credibility for themselves in the face of new challenges brought on by new media.

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The importance of ethics in traditional and new media has been a timelessly contentious subject. However, it is beyond doubt that this topic has reached a boiling point in the recent decade with the rise of new media that has spawned with it, a succession of digital outlets that are struggling to differentiate themselves from their competition. This is where the subject of ethics and 'responsible journalism' has become a factor of complaint--from the consumer base--as well as a point of distinction, for certain publications, to differentiate themselves from their competition in hopes of increasing their readership and long term appeal.

This brings us to the question of how this might impact freelancers. With the manner in which media culture has been shifting in recent decades, more and more of the hard-hitting and popular column pieces are done by freelancers under the commission of big publications. In many cases, these days, the credibility, weight and responsibility of journalistic pieces are measured and held directly against the author even more so than the publication. This means that prospective freelancers looking to break in the field need to seriously consider how they can distinguish themselves from their competition and ...

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Examining the case for the importance of transparency and disclosure for freelance feature writers under the rapidly growing influence and challenges of New Media.