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Changing Opinions in Journalism

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Why does it help for columnists to explain changes in their opinions?

This small but important discussion came about on the topic of backtracking in journalism as columnists are essentially journalists selling the opinions on the free market of ideas, but much like normal individuals, these opinions are subject to change. In this brief discussion, the importance of taking the readers through this change is stressed as a means to avoid alienating the audience.

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In the world of journalism and professional writing, there are many avenues writers can take. For some, the approach of an opinion-based column and op-ed is a better fit than composing firmly objective and detached news reports and coverage of events. Naturally, with an editorial slant, one gets far more creative leeway and in many regards, enjoys the privilege of sharing their opinion on a large platform -- an opportunity that is rewarding on both creative and professional fronts. Normally, this benefit goes both ways as most columnists get to where they are because a certain portion of their host publication's readership contains an audience that enjoys the writer's distinct style of writing and opinion on various topics.

However, what isn't so often celebrated about the creative freedom with column writing is the relative responsibilities ...

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A brief discussion on why its important for journalists to address their changes in opinions and ideas when it comes to op-eds and opinion columns.