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    Press and Popular Culture in Victorian and Edwardian

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    What was the relationship between the press and popular culture in Victorian and Edwardian Britain?

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    Throughout the nineteenth century, British journalism underwent a metamorphosis from an elitist, political, and costly institution into a popular, commercial, and inexpensive one characterised by sensationalism and investigative journalism. The press became a key component of nineteenth and early twentieth century popular culture in Britain.

    Newspapers as a form of popular culture occupied a contentious position in any society. Often perceived as crude and second rate when compared to high culture, popular culture is changeable, often disposable and intimately dependent on the pocketbook of a public for survival. Yet its association with the masses gave popular ...

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    This solution of 402 words discusses the differences in press and population culture in both the Victorian Britain and Edwardian Britain. References used are included.