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    Assessment and Evaluation Instruments

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    Discuss several possible traditional and nontraditional assessment instruments, including the strengths and weaknesses of each and the impact of the instrument on the selected sample population.

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    For traditional writing assessments the instrument that is based upon the ability to create reliable numerical scores of individual student papers from independent judges. This particular type of assessment is steeped in classical test theory which posits that students writing is predicated upon a fixed set of writing skills that are immutable in their ability to be assessed. For a basic skills class at the local community college the traditional assessment for writing ability of learners would entail a structure similar to the one I am going to outline.

    Traditional Writing Assessment Process:

    The traditional writing assessment process would first involve the Professor issuing out the writing assessment while visually validating the students in his or her class are present to conduct their own assessment. The professor subsequently would be responsible for monitoring the test environment. Students subsequently complete the writing assessment and turn in their assessment to the professor.

    After the papers are collected they are then are graded by the professors to ascertain the mastery that students either possess or do not possess regarding writing. To formulate a tally of students that may need to be placed in developmental writing courses as opposed to standard college courses, all professors would number their students papers, removing ...

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