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A neuropsychological instrument

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Offer good data on the Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test.
Describe a neuropsychological instrument and explain how it is used to assess disability or neurological dysfunction.

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Neuropsychological Instrument:

Neuropsychological instrument is a tool that helps in determining the absence and the presence of the possibility of impairments in the brain. It also helps in determining the type of impairment that is suspected to be present for example if it is a stroke or a tumor. It also determines the acuteness, severity, localization and lateralization of the impairment. A clinical neuropsychologist uses a clinical neuropsychological evaluation tool to study how the brain functions. The tool is composed of procedures for neuropsychological and psychological that are used to measure the skills and abilities of individuals. The neuropsychological procedures measure the mental abilities that are higher for an individual. The clinical neuropsychological evaluation is used to identify the unique abilities and skills for an individual (Brooker, n.d).

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It is difficult to identify students with learning disabilities because their skills in learning can be affected by the environment at home and therefore it is important to come up with an instrument that is can provide a diagnosis accurately so as to separate the different factors that are suspected to be the cause of the disability. The instruments can be ...

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A neuropsychological instrument is determined.

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