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Neuropsychological Testing - Clock Drawing Test

Select 5 people of any age available and willing to participate in your first attempt at administering neuropsychological assessments. Administer the "Clock Drawing Test". It is easiest to observe behavior if this test is administered one to one. Here are your directions:

Materials Needed:
5 pieces of white paper, 1 pencil.

Directions to Test Subjects:
I want you to draw a circle. Then place numbers in the circle to form a clock face. Try to place the hands at ten after eleven.
Analyze your 5 drawings and discuss the following information:

- Did you discover the presence of Spatial Neglect?
- Did you notice age differences in your drawings?
- Did you observe fine-motor deficits? Could this be related to age or health issues?
- Were there number reversals? Could this be related to age or health issues?
- Did you learning anything new or unusual during this exercise?

I am so lost. Please help me understand what I'm looking for.

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What you are doing is a neuropsychological evaluation. Here is a reference that will help you understand what this is: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/317596-overview.

Spatial neglect is usually a sign of some type of brain injury, such as a stroke affecting the right side of the brain. It involves a person only being aware of one side of space. For example, a person with this type of ...

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The expert examines a Clock Drawing Test as neuropsychological testing is determined.