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    Nonprofits and Evaluation, Data and Statistical Analysis

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    1. In non profit organizations what role and value might statistical tests have in clarifying evaluation results?

    2. In non profit program evaluation consider the following data collection methods questionnaires, interviews, document reviews, case studies, observations and focus groups. Which do you think would be most useful to employ when evaluation a non profit program. Discuss why you would use these methods over other options.

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    In nonprofit organizations, statistical tests play an important role in clarifying evaluation results. Statistical methods can be used to check the quality of evaluation data. This can be analyzed by finding the mean, standard deviation, and median. The evaluation data can be checked for normality. The skewness, kurtosis, frequency, histograms, and variables are compared with coding schemes. Statistical techniques can be used for testing the quality of evaluation instruments, and to check if the implementation ...

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    This solution explains statistical tests and instruments for evaluating nonprofit programs. The sources used are also included in the solution.